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They support iplayer and have a useful tutorial on getting iplayer for users outside UK. If I can't watch it legally, I'll find a pirated copy. Ex-pat shield isn't malware. I can understand a few people being annoyed at some pop-up or pop-under ads, but there's nothing more malicious than that in it according to many sources. Here's results of a test that might help verify: That's a good list. One thing to keep in mind when using a proxy is that you are probably compromising on your computer's security: Yes, a VPN account costs, but it offers encrypted connections, multiple connection options for those places where local government gets busy with imposing restrictions.

And it's safe to use, VPN is a business and they want to have more happy customers. Expat Shield web site seems to suggest you have to pay for the Elite version to watch BBC - so it is not free as the article suggests. Sorry, the program itself is free, however the elite access isn't.

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It's still free to use generally and to view other content as if you're in Britain. However, BBC iPlayer is a particular exception they ask you to pay for in order to pay the bills. I have been using iplayer on expat shield for ages and have full acces. I have never payed, once expat sheild is switched on I close the browser then open up another browser in safari and have full access to many uk TV from Australia.

Also live TV but a bit pointless this side of the world ha ha. I use Ubuntu. It's very easy to use. I wrote a piece about it for Free Software Magazine:. It's worth saying that with some of these services - the BBC iplayer for instance -you can start watching and then revert to your normal internet address - it seems the service just checks you at the start. This not only means that you need little bandwidth but it's also much faster - some of the proxies and vpns are very slow for streaming.

By the way I appreciate the legal problems but many people are travelling away from home and have already paid their fees and so on. Seems like something like Tunir requires you to re-set your DNS and then re-start your computer, so you could not do this mid stream.

It's true. You'd need to re-set your DNS with Tunlr, but on a Mac you can do that without restarting your computer. Maybe you can do that with other operating systems too.

I use an add on called stealthy with firefox. It's funny because I was looking for a way to watch Iplayer when I found out it. It has both a free and Pro version and proxies for several countries so it's use is not limited to Iplayer. I tried installing the TunnelBear client but I keep getting alerts from my Avast antivirus.

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Is this VPN it safe to use? Everything I know about Tunnelbear is good. I trust it. Avast is probably just being extra careful. Generally, though, you wouldn't use VPNs and tools like this for your banking or whatever just in case. Tunnelbear shows it is connected via UK. Any thoughts? The programmes are getting made anyway.

I'd rather more people got to see them. And I'm a license fee payer: I could send money to friends in the UK towards their license fee.

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This makes it dead easy to get a UK IP address and to find a super fast server. See the full list of servers available from IPVanish at https: The security features are strong, including the essential bit encryption and a no logging policy.

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CyberGhost is a great choice for users who are new to the world of VPNs and are looking for simple, easy to use software. The clear graphical interface of the software gives you access to an impressive network of servers in 59 countries, including a bountiful servers at 2 locations in the UK. See the full list of CyberGhost servers at https: This VPN still has the high level of security we look for, like the use of bit encryption and a no logging policy.

Read our full CyberGhost review here. The absolutely massive network of servers covers servers in more than 60 countries, including the UK. You can see a full list of available server locations and types at https: The non-specialist VPN servers still deliver the high security features we want to see, like the use of bit encryption and a no logging policy.

The connections are fast so you can watch high definition video streaming with no problems.

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The VPN server network is smaller than others at more than servers in different countries, but this includes a substantial 56 servers at 4 locations with the UK, so you can access UK content with no problems. See the full list of servers at https: As well as the basic VPN security features of strong bit encryption and a no logging policy, other features include anti virus and anti malware protection, plus an anti spam filter to keep your email inbox clean. The app filtering function allows you to pass the data from only selected apps through the VPN for best flexibility.

In addition, a VPN will improve your security and protect your privacy. Have you ever tried out one of these VPN providers? What was your experience like when accessing UK content? Let us know about it in the comments below. Get 3 months free on ExpressVPN. Use encrypted connections to unblock websites.

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How to Get a UK IP Address in China: 5 Easy Ways that Are Fast and Safe

Free Proxy List. Proxy FAQs Frequently asked questions about our free web proxy lists. About our free web proxy list. How to use the proxy? What is the proxy anonymity? There are 3 levels of proxies according to their anonymity. The web server can't detect whether you are using a proxy.