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I have two 1. All of these will have GeForce cards, leaving me with three 1.

PowerMac G5 Parts & Upgrades

Or, more likely, I will ignore the 1. And the RAM from the 1. One of those was a power supply donor, so nothing can be done with it. I will have one working 1. I partition each drive, giving one-third of the space to OS X This lets me choose between Tiger and the possibility of using Classic Mode and Leopard, which is more modern in several ways.

Two 1. I will have two 1. Once I have everything configured, I plan to sell the 1. I would prefer not to ship if possible, but if you really have your heart set on a Power Mac G5 and are willing to pay to ship it…. This is a very involved project, but I hope to complete it in the coming week. Honestly, for the most part, these sell for a song. If the price is cheap enough and you already have a Power Mac G5, this could be the least expensive way to max out system memory — or migrate to a whole new machine simply by moving your hard drive to your acquisition.

Just be sure to add a copy of TenFourFox for relatively modern browsing on the Internet. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at This number is for advertising only.

Welcome Image and Text. External Ports Power Mac G5. Remove the metal grill and place to one side. Then remove the internal plastic cover by lifting it up and out.

Next locate the two processor fans on one plastic runner and remove outwards. This reveals the RAM sockets. The RAM is designed so it cannot go in the wrong way around. If you are unsure call or email our team. The PowerMac G5 came equipped with a Superdrive Optical drive loaded with a tray at the front of the machine.

There is no internal expansion for a second optical drive. The below drives will work with your Mac. Remove the metal grill and place to one side, then remove the internal plastic cover by lifting it up and out.

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The optical drive is located towards the top of the case. Disconnect the cables and remove mounting screws. Apple's instructions can be found here. If you don't want to fit a new hard drive yourself, you can take advantage of the MacUpgrades Installation Service. Add the installation service from the list below to your cart along with your chosen hard drive. We can also clone your existing hard drive onto the new one, simply add the Clone Original Hard Drive service below to your cart.

Once you have booked the service, send your machine to us, we will carry out the work and return it to you. Alternatively, we do offer a Collection Service with our courier, please see here for details. Turn off Machine, open side door. Use latch to the rear of the drive chassis to release the side panel.

Remove plastic grill by pulling gently upwards and outwards. The hard drive caddie is located on the top of the case and has space for an additional drive in the caddie. The special screws required to hold the drive in place are located to the left of the drive caddy. Remove caddie by pulling the release lever to the side.

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Disconnect the cable and insert new drive to chassis. Set jumpers accordingly and connect up all cables. Restart machine and initialise the drive. These new cards offer fantastic gaming and professional outputs across many monitors. Install software. Locate brown AGP socket and remove holding screw. Replace card with new Card - If you are unsure call or email our team. Install software, Turn off Machine, open side door. Locate a free PCI-X socket and remove holding screw. Apple's own instructions can be found here. Listed below are power supplies, batteries and related products we supply for this Mac.

Any complete machines of this type or similar that we have for sale are listed here. Please note that these are refurbished models with a 3 month warranty, and that delivery is likely to take 3 - 5 working days. These can be purchased online with the standard website courier delivery charge for the mainland UK only.

Installation & Repair Services

Please contact us for a quote on shipping to other areas. Here are the various repair services we offer for this Mac. You can have us take the machine in for evaluation, or book a fixed-price repair if you already know what the fault is and the service is listed below for services without parts, please see the relevant tab on this page for compatible parts that we sell. If you know what the fault is, but we don't have a fixed-price repair listed below, please contact us for a quote. At Your location Macupgrades offers a wide range of on-site services for your Apple equipment.

For more details on the benefits of this, read this article.

Powermac G5 Upgrades - Upgrade Your Mac!

There might be a possibility of slotting in a faster model's motherboard into your existing case. If you find resources about that, send them my way so I can post them here. That hasn't been a problem, since I rely on a wired internet connection. I've seen varying reports on how difficult it is, so try at your own risk. A Power Mac G5, depending on its model, has some available video card upgrade options.

Keep in mind that a video card will only do so much to speed up your Mac. A stock video card is not a bad option, especially if you are sticking to basic tasks of writing, browsing, and so on. If you use applications that really need to offload processing to a video card or try to do some gaming on large screens, a better video card comes into play.

Power Mac G5 to Intel MB Upgrade

Figure out a budget and look for options that might work for you. I moved from the stock card to a GT. I'll be honest - I haven't noticed much of a difference, even in games.

A seller named AppleMacanix does sell some nice video cards for a range of prices on eBay. The good folks at Low End Mac do a great job detailing the various tech specs for lots of Macs, old and new. Find your G5 on this page. Then scroll down to find links to articles and resources for getting the most out of your G5. There's no point in me repeating what others suggest. If you end up with one of the quad core Power Mac G5s, you may discover that you will need to repair the liquid cooling system.

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There have been reports of some G5s leaking, and the repair process looks like it could be tricky. You might check with local Apple repair shops to see if they might help you with a faulty G5. Here is a link to the repair process. Thanks to some great readers Shiunbird, in particular and fellow G5 fans, I have Youtube links to share.

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