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Welcome Image and Text. Details introduced MA Model Identifier: Core System CPU: Best performance with matched memory modules. Geekbench 2 Leopard: Which version of Mac OS X is best for your hardware depends on several factors. The road to obsolescence: Mac OS X Quad-core iMacs shipping, OS X The bitness of Mac OS X The Road Ahead: Personal computers started with 8-bit CPUs, Macs started out with a bit operating system, and bit computing is starting to give way to 64 bits.

Windows XP on the Mac Mini

OS X More processing power per processor cycle , Dan Knight, Mac Musings, Apple promised improved CPU efficiencies when it announced the move to Intel in Three years of MacBooks show the progress. Most users encounter no problems using Software Update, but some preflight work and using the Combo updater means far less chance of trouble.

VMWare Fusion 2 vs. Both programs do the same thing, but one runs Windows XP smoothly alongside Mac apps, while the other bogs down everything but Windows. Now Mac fans can try it as well. Tiger vs. Which is best for you? Does running OS X system maintenance routines really do any good? A year ago, the Mac version of VirtualBox lacked some essential features. Also more on running Leopard on non-Apple hardware, Ubuntu on a Mac mini, the first autofocus webcam with Zeiss optics for Macs, and more. Virtual PC works with Leopard, Intel vs. Neither does Leopard.

Windows on Macs: Three paths for integration , Jason Packer, Macs in the Enterprise, Mac users have three routes for running Windows apps: Also using a computer display with HDTV and cleaning your keyboard in the dishwasher.

Boot Camp Support Software 4.1.4586

Intel mini vs. Used Intel Mac mini vs. Also the rate of Leopard adoption, Adobe launches free Photoshop Express, Mac mini media center, and more. Power Mac G5 vs. More details on integrated graphics, going G4 on the cheap, more unsupported Leopard reports, the death of DropStuff, and more.

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Merely adequate: Why you want to avoid integrated graphics , Dan Knight, Mac Musings, Today low-end Macs all suffer from those barely adequate graphics processors. The smallest, cheapest Mac went dual-core, increased in price, and used memory sucking Intel GMA graphics. Road Apple nominations, OS X The box and manual say nothing about Mac compatibility, but this 18x USB 2. Also the problems with using old computers in school, rebate problems, free imposition software, and a dead LC Also 15 years of ThinkPads, reliability and all-in-one devices, and thoughts on upgrading operating systems. The Mac mini is dead: Why it missed the target , Dan Knight, Mac Musings, The Mac mini is compact, elegant, and affordable for a Mac.

What the market wanted was expandable and affordable compared with a Windows PC. Here are a few thoughts on the experiences and lessons learned. If so, how can they reach the low-end market? I had to open download in Firefox,but now waiting for log download.

Will let you know. I am running 7 upgrade, but still cannot get the sound to work. When I expand zip file and exe, win 7 tells me that file is corrupt…. This driver: Downloaded it fast and free here: This tutorial is awesome and has worked perfectly for me: I installed Win7 Ultimate on it using the tutorial. Now the only thing left to fix is finding the proper drivers for the apple mouse and keyboards. The realtek drives do indeed work but the bundled mixer software is so horrible! Is there any way to get rid of this junk and just use the superior Windows 7 mixer?

I was without sound and after using the OSX disc, neither mouse nor keyboard worked. Using USB mouse and Keyboard downloaded and installed bootcamp software update 3. Everything now works like a charm. This solved all of my driver problems with my First get the Bootcamp 3. It is the setup.

Mac Mini sound "no output devices found"

These were old drivers for me and it messed up some things I had working. Then install the current Bootcamp drivers 3. This update has all of the latest drivers for everything and everything should work. Plus it installs a nice Bootcamp utility in windows you can use while in windows to control Bootcamp.

Go to: Scroll down to: This is late but might someone post a direct download link for me?

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The only thing I would add is the headphones have to be plugged in to make them the default. Speakers were working in Vista but not headphones. Sound still came out of the speakers when the headphones were plugged in! Thanks to Angelo for the solution: This did the trick for me, last post on: Click on the first link then once that opens click the resources tab and download the the right version for your operating system.

Welcome to Low End Mac

In your device manager select the cirrus audio device, update the driver and point to the file that contains the new driver. Job done.

I mean, I had no idea that Cirrus had anything to do with sound, etc. Oh man, I was struggling with this issue, until I realised I forgot to install the bootcamp drivers! The fixes described on this post will not work, if the reason is the same as my mistake.

Simple Help. Thanks BrianSF! Kenneth Denson January 26, , 7: Ross McKillop January 26, , 8: Kenneth — Sorry about that, 2.

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Jim Maney February 13, , 3: Michael February 23, , 6: Matt March 3, , 8: Brage May 22, , 1: Ethan June 16, , 2: Angelo June 17, , Aaron July 25, , Ahmed Uzair August 19, , 8: Henryk September 5, , 7: Noel September 18, , My sound works but its not clear when its low. Sarina October 18, , 6: Neil October 24, , 6: San9 November 24, , Domo November 28, , 8: Tom Morter-Laing November 29, , 7: Nina November 30, , 7: Ali December 1, , Jason Miller December 3, , 1: Jason Miller December 5, , 8: Ntinos December 5, , 8: Geoff January 11, , Matt Harrison February 4, , 7: J March 14, , 6: This Realtek driver worked for m y mini but not for my IMac J March 14, , 7: Jonko April 17, , 8: