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About Mail’s Junk Mail feature

M-F Blog:: Write for the blog Writing a Quality Post. When I open Junk Mail, the window print is a pale yellow. I don't think there is an easy way to change the color of the font for junk mail.

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Given that it's junk, does it really matter? If you mark it as non-junk, the font changes back to the default so you can read it. I tried outlining it and the font became much easier to read. Thanks again. Non-junk in Mail junk folder By RobT. Tips for using mail app! I therefore introduced a general rule that, for every single message, sets the text color one can also modify the background color to not offending black.

I must say, however, that Panther Mail is truly poor as to doc conceived for braindead zombies with the IQ of a frozen squid and as to tuning capabilities ah, good ol' Eudora, by now decrepit and decomposing Thank you so much again. Best regards, ThufirHawat. August 20th, August 2nd, July 22nd, July 21st, July 13th, Bookmarks Bookmarks del.

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All times are GMT. The issue doesn't occur in Postbox. I'd switch to Postbox entirely except I use Apple Mail for office mail and Postbox for personal mail. This was the best way to ensure email from the office and personal accounts don't get mixed together. Any idea as to how to keep Apple Mail from changing the color of emails in the list?

Thanks, Robert Edited 1 time s. Robert, The filtering may be done at the server Apple - one of those "Apple knows best" things.

You might get an answer by one of the gurus in Apple Support Community. Curmudgeon, on several OSes and an ego trip.

Mail - some emails are yellow/gold (Not junk)

Model, Maybe. I use Fastmail and its junk mail filtering. It's done server side. I just did a test. I activated Apple's junk mail filter. In theory, based on that criteria, Apple Mail shouldn't do a thing with any of my incoming email. No flagging. No changing the text in the listing to brown. Don't recognize flags set on the server.

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The mods should have made the filter do nothing.