War Drum. Raise the Dead. I'm Odd. Something I Can Heart. My Favorite Song. Feel it in the Air. Old Rasputin Every Night. Royals Cap Number the Stars. Black Rainbow. Vodka Tonic With a Lime. Happy To Be Living. Quarter Life. No Miracle. Crazy Perfectly Content. Burgundy Bonus Track. Wooden Heart. Baby Powder. Two Bottles Clacking. Pale Kid Raps Faster. Fastest Rapper Ever. Dazed and Confused in Seconds. Speak Low. Cover My Tracks. Black Widow Spider Delicate Touch. Calm Down Baby. The Edge Baptized in Whiskey. Basketball Shorts. Heart Shaped Moon.

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Roller Coaster. Pimp Slap the World. Constant Energy Struggles Lotus. When Worlds Collide. Shake It Up. Get That. Seven Chakras. Wall E.

Mac Lethal Song Lyrics

Get Off. Texts from Bennett Chapter 3: It's The Bootleg Motherfuckers! Regeneration Remix. Swagger Like Ap The Boycott. Jockin' AP. And Now. Times Up Freestyle. Santogold Freestyle. My Life. Protek Yo Nutz. O'Doyle Rules. We're Gonna Kill You. If You Forgot My Name. Liquid Swords Tribute Pt. Speak The Truth. Tell Me. Deep Cover Freestyle.

Messing With Ya Mind Freestyle. If I Died Today. Word To The 23rd Freestyle. Dancin' On Ya Grave Remix. Wonderful X-Mas Time. Be A Better Man. BOLA4 Rone vs The Saurus vs Mac Lethal. Dizaster vs QP. Moment 4 Life. White Kid Raps Fast!

Mac Lethal Performs an Incredibly Fast Rap While Inhaling Helium From a Balloon

Fastest Rapper Ever. Happy Medium The Audacity! Happy Medium.

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The Cask. Can't Get There From Here. Pop Song. All I Do Is Rhyme. Christmas Song. I'm Awesome Remix. Into Spose. Irish Goodbye The Parlour. Morimoto Just Duet.

Royals Cap Number The Stars. Black Rainbow. Vodka Tonic With A Lime. Happy To Be Living. Quarter Life. No Miracle. Recorded in a hotel room. Old Rasputin Every Night. Lars Attacks! The Gospel of Hip-Hop. Venomous Box Jellyfish. Judas Priest. How to Be an Indie Rapper. Mike Russo Cut Your Hair. Francis Bacon Slashed the Canvas. Super Scope. Art of Darkness. Make a Friend on 27th Street. The Giving Tree. Annabel Lee R.

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War Drum. Raise The Dead. I'm Odd. Something I Can Heart. My Favorite Song. Dying Young. Feel It In the Air. Something i can heart. The Original Bareknuckle Chris. Oak Tree. Baby Powder. Swave Sevah vs Syd Vicious. Madness vs Soul Khan. The Saurus vs Real Deal. Mac Lethal vs Dirtbag Dan. Ness vs Iron Solomon. Nocando vs Dizaster. Heart of Rock Motor Head. Hollow Earth. Foot Loose. The Love Potion Collection 6: Keep It Irish Irish funeral.

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Give me vodka now and start sucking on my balls! Gonna kill it til it's dead, I'mma try to hit'em in the head, corn-fed, Midwestern whore bred. She looks so thick and juicy give it to me in the booty shorts then you gotta get up in the morning n get out Let's speed it up — big breath Never been a counterfeit of nothing I am just an elevated entity I'm coming and giving it back then pumping dump on every instrument with increments of sentiments and syllables I lunge I'm livid again I'm sticking it in their muffins make a couple million I'm hoping to I'm going to so gimme another reason I should sit around an not experience benefits of getting down when all the drivel that they're spitting is so hideous Godzilla fear the viciousness!

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